Final Project: The Phoenix and Squirrel Woman: Gregg’s Revenge

9 05 2010

This video was our final project in Digital Media Convergence. This was the culmination of our new knowledge in this class. Although I didn’t use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or other programs we learned, I did further my FinalCut and Livetype skills. On this project we used Killertracks and audio filters that I never used before. It was fun to try to make this look cinematic with our same equipment. We did this with shots from different angles, close ups, and usage of the flare from the sun. It was also interesting using storytelling ideas we learned in class to try to put together a whole back story and then cut it down to a short idea that would interest people and make them want to watch the movie. It was difficult to give enough information without giving away the story. In fact my friend just said she wishes I would make that movie, so I think we did our job.


Project 8: Silent Film

25 04 2010

This video was fun to make. We originally were going to make a really elaborate video, but our actors weren’t available when we needed them. Which I guess is the first step in directing our actors. Once we got out people and planned our shots it was a blast to just let go and have fun. Because it was a silent film it was easier to direct our actors. We could shout at them when we wanted them to do things during the shot. Next time when it isn’t silent we will need to figure something else out. Before we did shoot we got a chance to explain how we wanted the scene to go, we let them practice it once as we looked through the camera to see if it would look, and then we did it a few times. When they needed help we could clarify and it was frustrating at times when they didn’t understand our vision, but it all worked out in the end. I can see how much more difficult it would be having a large cast rather than our last project of just one person being interviewed.

Interview Video!

19 04 2010

We got help and now our video works. Sorry for the delay. Check it out!

Project 7: Interview

18 04 2010

This project was fun because we actually got to increase our creativity by shooting video and having the option to do what we wanted. I love interviewing people so this project was a blast, especially because our actor was so good. He was also willing to get completely into character. So it was like interviewing the real person.

I love setting up the parts of the interview to make it flow properly. I also like the puzzle of figuring out b-roll to put places so you can’t tell it’s cut up. I hope to go into broadcast news so I can’t wait to continue to do things like this!

I tried to upload our video to YouTube but it didn’t work, so the video is to come later.

Project 6: Photostory

6 04 2010

For this project we took photos to convey a story and to develop our skills in Final Cut Pro. Because I knew the program already, this was pretty easy. The only problem I had was with the camera. I wish I did this with a better camera so all of my shots would be in focus, or at least the way I wanted them to focus. It would also help to have a better tripod and a few helpers. Moving things on my own was fine, but sometimes I moved the camera too much. It would have been more effective if I could have kept the camera in a better position.

For this project we had to have a protagonist, antagonist, beginning, middle and end. This has all of these elements because it is a war… and a board game. Although it made it easier to make a story, I also was hoping to add a little social commentary. Everyone agrees to fight, people are destroyed, nations are conquered, there has to be a winner, but it doesn’t really pay off to fight. At the end I put all the pieces back into the same box, the board was clean and the world was without war. The board spends most of it’s time in the box, potential for war, but still just resting peacefully.

Project 5: Dreamweaver Website

28 03 2010

This site is a partner with a column that I am going to write in the new Pendulum magazine insert. So this will be a weekly companion to the monthly publication. I plan to make this site a lot more visually interesting. Maybe change the menu, add pictures, more complex buttons. I also want to add other links and mediums to this site. Maybe videos or how to pictures. There also needs to be archives of the past postings maybe listed by dates rather than topics. I look forward to using what I have learned so far to make this page and future projects more complex and detailed. Now that I know how to set this up, I can really go in so many different directions!

Project 4: Photoshop Ad

7 03 2010

This was a good exercise in just playing around with Photoshop and designs. The tools I used the most were the stamp, the patch and blur. My friends helped me learn how to master new tools and to find the best tools to use. By being able to be creative with text, pictures, and logos I could use and get better using a bunch of different kinds of tools. Although I did spend most of my time taking out the top rails on the stairs, taking away the shadow and test off of Will’s shirt. I also got to play around with text to make the logo. Making logos is my favorite thing to do now.